We have a catering company bring to us delicious and nutritious homemade meals using meat, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables which are all sourced from highly reputable suppliers.

We also have ‘International Food Day’ once a month which encourages the children to try a variety of foods from around the world.
Breakfast -in the morning the children are offered milk , water or tea together with a bread rolls, cheese, ham, yogurt assortment of fruit and cereals. We encourage the children to hand out the cups and biscuits and they are supported in pouring their own drink too.
Lunch -at this time the children usually sit down to a delicious home cooked soup.

Dinner -this is our main meal of the day and we try to make it as interesting for them as possible by providing a range of different products as well as the ones they love very much such as spaghetti , dumplings or just plain pork chops with potatoes and a salad.
Their teachers encourage good manners and the correct use of cutlery!