We are a family run Preschool Home providing warm quality care for all children ages 1.8 of age to 6 years old.

Mommy Poppins

We offer full and part time care. The purpose of Mommy Poppins is to provide a warm loving and secure place for the little ones so that the transmission from a family household to a sometimes rowdy loud over-packed school is easier, slower and much less stressful for them.

We emphasize a lot on each child’s emotional , developmental needs and always keep in mind that all of them grow and learn at their own pace.

From our own experience we know how difficult it is to find a place for the them so they wouldn’t feel as if they are entering the school/work environment yet.

Here at Mommy Poppins we want all our preschoolers to feel as comfortable and childlike as possible. Children who feel secure and supported will experiment, try new things, and express their ideas.

To ensure this we have created a home like place with a home like atmosphere where opportunities are provided for a child to work quietly and areas are available where in small groups they can collaborate on projects.

We as adults know how fast the world is going and we do not need to enforce this on the children yet. At the same time we will try to teach our kids basic math , reading , science, geography through play, cooking, sports etc. knowing how important those skills become later on in life.

At our home language and learning are nurtured in an environment that values and plans appropriate opportunities. The environment can support the development of behaviors that are valued in our society, such as cooperation and persistence. An aesthetically pleasing space can develop a child’s appreciation for the beautiful world around them. Most importantly, quality environment can provide a home like setting that „feels” like a good place to be.

At Mommy Poppins we also make sure our little ones are able to make personal choices and carry out an appropriate plan of action since there is the growing need to become an independent person in each one of them.

Children want to do things for themselves and in their own way. Preschoolers become increasingly competent in making choices, creating a plan, and following through with a project or experience. If children’s ideas are valued and their interest followed they will work on projects for long periods of time.

An effective environment is designed so even the youngest of children can become independent. There are many opportunities for them to be successful as they work to do things for themselves. They are not dependent on the adults and constantly asking for every material they need. An orderly display of accessible materials grouped together will help children understand that they are capable of making decisions. The environment will communicate to them, „you can make the selection, you have good ideas, and you can carry out the plan for yourself.”