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Between the ages of two and five years children are starting to develop their gross motor skills and enjoy a wide variety of activities.

The fundamental motor skills such as kicking, catching, throwing and hitting at this point in our life become the „building blocks” or foundation movements for more complex and specialized skills required by children throughout their lives to competently and confidently play different games as well as move around.

At Mommy Poppins is is very important for us to get the children involved in all kinds of different sports activities introducing them to new sports as well as old ones but in a different way.

We regularly play soccer, soft ball, basketball, ping pong do cycling skating or dancing as well as ballet. We co-operate with specialists who have been working and training with children for many years.

In addition to the physical benefits our sports program also improves self- confidence, self- esteem, social development, sharing, concentration, independence and sportsmanship.

Through sports children get to learn such things as colours, shapes, body parts,animals, numeracy, listening skills and basic comprehension as well as develop hand-eye coordination, balance and special awareness.

Most importantly we believe an active and healthy lifestyle is developed from an early age.

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